Company Electric Pump Warranty and Repair Policies

We and Scoprega/Ningbo Bravo believe that the kite pump you are purchasing is the best kite inflation pump available on the market. If you have a recommendation for how to improve the pump in any way, please send us a note in the 'Contact Us' area and we will make sure that it gets forwarded to the designers.


Returns, Refunds, Exchanges

While we believe that the Scoprega/Ningbo/Bravo kite inflation pump is the very best pump on the market, there may well be excellent reasons for returning a pump, either for a refund or for an exchange. Unfortunately, the manufacturer's warranty does not cover returns or exchanges unless you interact directly with the manufacturer at your cost of shipping, and Arbor Studios cannot send pumps back to Italy or China because the cost of shipping is about the same as the cost of a new pump. You are of course welcome to contact the manufacturer because the pump is under a 2-year manufacturer's warranty (if you interact with them directly). If you need to return a pump to the manufacturer please adhere to the following procedures:


  • A copy of your original invoice showing that the original purchase date is with the return period.
  • A description of why the pump is being returned.
  • All of the original packaging and materials that came with the pump, including nozzles, hoses, bag, battery, cables, and the pump itself.

Warranty Service Requests

If you are having an operational issue with some aspect of the pump, please first determine whether it is a warrantable problem. Here are the Arbor Studios requirements for warrantable problems:


  • Your pump is within the 1-year warranty period and the battery/charger is within the 1-month warranty period. This can be determined from your original invoice, from our records if you purchased the pump from Arbor-Studios, or from the pump serial number (if one exists). Clearly the first is the easiest/fastest and the last is the hardest/slowest.
  • Your pump has not been tampered with, meaning that it has not been opened. Opening the pump by a non-authorized personnel will void the warranty unless authorized by Scoprega.
  • Your pump has not been used for commercial purposes, such as a kiteboarding school.
  • Your pump has not been damaged due to neglect or other non-warrantable causes (i.e., anything beyond material or parts failure and during normal use).

If the pump meets these requirements then you can send the pump to us for warranty service or you can send us the faulty part and we will return a new OEM part to you for your installation as soon as we can acquire the part. Warranty service is for parts only. You will have to pay for the labor to repair the pump. You must also pay for shipping in both directions and need to provide the following when you return the pump:


  • A return materials authorization (RMA) number with an effective date. RMAs always have an activity period.
  • A description of the problem and how to reproduce it.
  • Your contact information, including an email address and physical address to return the pump to.
  • All parts that came with the pump, including hoses, nozzles, battery (disconnected).
  • The original packaging (if any).

Repair Service

We are the authorized repair facility for the west coast of the United States. We know what an addiction an electric pump becomes and we will be happy to help return your pump to functional condition as quickly as possible. We use only original parts from Scoprega/Ningbo Bravo (which we have yet to receive). If you need pump repair service please adhere to the following procedures:


  • A valid return materials authorization (RMA) number. All RMAs have a date range they are valid within. The reason for an RMA on the service request is to get as much information about the problem(s) as possible and to distinguish your return from others we might receive.
  • The pump of course. You will pay for shipping in both directions.
  • A means of contacting you with the repair estimate.

Our technician will review the problem and contact you with a repair estimate. Upon receipt of your confirmation to perform the repairs, and payment for those repairs, work will commence on the pump. You can track its progress on the Arbor-Studios website.