About Arbor Studios

Arbor Studios is a mish-mash of a company. Created to support the 3rd Avenue Kiteboarding community's webcam (here) it was later augmented to support the 3rd Avenue Kiteboading community's weather server (here).

In 2009/2010, Arbor-Studios developed 3 iPhone applications which are now available on the Apple iTunes App Store and whose main sites are here at www.arbor-studios.com (ThirdAveWind, ThirdAveView, and ThirdAveSuite).

In 2011, Arbor Studios began an import and support relationship with Scoprega of Milan and Ningbo Bravo, their electric kite pump manufacturer in Shanghai, China. We are awaiting our first product shipment. Not wanting to have a single product on our online store, we developed a line of clothing to go along with our support of the kiteboarding community. These products are shown on our store and link to www.zazzle.com/arbor-studios.